RpgDev An RPG development toolkit

Welcome to RpgDev

A modular and extensible RPG development kit. Improving productivity whilst giving you more flexibility than traditional solutions.

Created for the community

Designed with community needs in mind; introducing extensible and flexible functionality incorporating modern technologies.

Efficient workflow

RpgDev reduces repetitive tasks by streamlining the development process via live updates and less reliance on play tests.

Scripting with C#

Use the power of C# 6.0 and the .NET Framework to extend editor functionality or develop unique features for your game.

MIDI with SF2 support

Full MIDI playback with speed control and SF2 sound font support allowing you to change the way music sounds in your game.

Cross-platform compatibility

Built on top of MonoGame; RpgDev will run on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.